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Arbor University understands that agriculture is a driving force in our communities.

We’ve partnered with experts from the Ag industry, health care, and finance to provide information and content to help you and your operation grow.


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Sharpen Your Marketing Skills / Market Update

Sharpen Your Marketing Skills:
 - How Futures and Options Can Work In Your Operation
 - Enhancing Basis & Utilizing Carry
 - Building a Written Marketing Plan

Market Update:
 - Current Grain & Livestock Markets Overview
 - The "What Ifs" for This Year
 - Top 10 "Marketing Rules"

Speaker: Steve Knuth, CEO, AgWest Commodities

Your 4th Quarter Game Plan

You’ve been successful in building, managing, and growing your operation. Along the way, you’ve
helped your family, your loyal team, and your buyers accomplish their many goals. However,
like all business owners, you will face significantly different personal, financial, and business
opportunities and dynamics when you enter the Fourth Quarter of your time in action.


Speakers:  Nick Niemann, McGrath North
Nick has taught Fourth Quarter planning to thousands of CEOs, business leaders, and entrepreneurs from over 40 countries.
Based on his study of over 300 companies, Nick has found that business owners want to achieve 4 critical goals in their Fourth Quarter.
Join us as Nick shares the essential actions needed to accomplish these goals and to avoid the common, big mistakes made by
business owners and operators in their Fourth Quarter. Whether you are still in your “First Half” or about to enter your “Fourth Quarter”
as a business owner, you’ll find that Nick’s insights and strategies are key to creating profitable, lasting success.

David Baumann, Swartzbaugh-Farber & Associates, Inc.
David is a Financial Advisor at Swartzbaugh-Farber & Associates, Inc. In the industry since 2006, David has a passion for helping
people understand the importance of holistic planning involving investments, insurance, and tax strategies. David enjoys working with
business owners, sales people, medical specialists and family farms. As an advisor, it is important to truly understand what a person’s
goals are prior to identifying a strategy to help achieve those goals. Investment tools and resources are constantly changing and it is
important to be aware of new strategies that could compliment or enhance an existing portfolio.


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