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Arbor University understands that agriculture is a driving force in our communities.

We’ve partnered with experts from the Ag industry, health care, and finance to provide information and content to help you and your operation grow.

Recent topics:

Ag Estate Tax Changes Under the New Administration

What happens if the Estate Tax Limit is lowered?
What happens if the Gift Tax Exemption Amount is lowered?
What do I need to know to limit potential tax impacts?

Matt Medlock from Tagge-Rutherford Financial Group and Nathan Patterson from Koley Jessen discuss:
Ag Estate Tax Changes Under the New Administration


Sharpen Your Marketing Skills / Market Update

Sharpen Your Marketing Skills:
 - How Futures and Options Can Work In Your Operation
 - Enhancing Basis & Utilizing Carry
 - Building a Written Marketing Plan

Market Update:
 - Current Grain & Livestock Markets Overview
 - The "What Ifs" for This Year
 - Top 10 "Marketing Rules"

Speaker: Steve Knuth, CEO, AgWest Commodities

Your 4th Quarter Game Plan

You’ve been successful in building, managing, and growing your operation. Along the way, you’ve
helped your family, your loyal team, and your buyers accomplish their many goals. However,
like all business owners, you will face significantly different personal, financial, and business
opportunities and dynamics when you enter the Fourth Quarter of your time in action.

Speakers:  Nick Niemann, McGrath North and David Baumann, Swartzbaugh-Farber & Associates, Inc.


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