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Pay everyone you need from one convenient place! And save money by eliminating checks and postage.


With free online Bill Pay, you can view and pay all of your bills – from your painter and handyman to your doctor and mortgage company – on our secure website. Billpay helps you save time and money by managing your bill paying routine in one convenient place. Plus, you control when and how much to pay. 

With Bill Pay you can:

  • Pay anyone, anytime.
  • Schedule one time or recurring payments in advance.
  • Stop or change payments, anytime.
  • Add any bill quickly with limited information.
  • View payment history for your listed Payees.
Safe and Secure, Guaranteed.*

Bill Pay is the safe and secure way to pay your bills – we guarantee it! Every scheduled payment you make will be paid on time or we’ll pay your late fees.

 *We will bear the responsibility for any late-payment-related charges (up to $50) should a payment arrive after its due date as long as the transaction was scheduled in accordance with Online Bill Pay’s terms and conditions.

Enroll in Free Bill Pay today! Just click on the Free Bill Pay tab within Online Banking.

Want more information? Click here to view a short video about how it works and its benefits.


Bill Pay Enhancements

All Arbor Bank checking accounts feature Free Bill Pay for standard payment usage. These are enhancements that may be used at your discretion at an additional cost. If you'd like to add Bill Pay to another Arbor Bank checking or savings account, please contact us.

  popmoney logo  Popmoney

A2A Transfers

Overnight Checks

Same Day Payments
'AKA' Person to person payment Account to account transfers N/A N/A

General Description

An easy way to pay another person via email or text - with the ability to make your payment 'fun'. An easy way to transfer your money to/from your bank accounts elsewhere. Need to make a payment by tomorrow? This is how you do it! Need to make a payment today? Here's how!
Cost $0.50/payment $2.00/transfer outgoing. Free incoming. $14.95/payment $9.95/payment
How to access this service Tab at the top of Bill Pay Tab at the top of Bill Pay Within your billers already added in Bill Pay Within your billers already added in Bill Pay
How long will the pmt/transfer take? Standard delivery time is 3 business days. May take slightly longer if your contact hasn't used Popmoney before. Standard delivery time is 2-3 business days. Next day delivery is guaranteed. Same Day delivery is guaranteed.
Are there number and/or amount limits? Yes, you will see these when you access the service. Generally: $500 max/pmt, $500 max/day, $1,000 max/mo, 15 pmts max/day, 30 pmts max/mo. Yes, transfer limits in both amount and frequency are visible on the 'Transfer Money' page after you schedule your first transfer. Limited to your availability in your deposit account. Limited to your availability in your deposit account.
Other limitations You must have you recipient's email address or cell phone number. Transfers to and from your own accounts only. One time account verifications at the other financial institution are required before your first transfer. Biller must already be set up in Bill Pay. Biller must already be set up in Bill Pay and have an established ACH relationship. (Currently 300+ do) Our Bill Pay system won't show a same day payment option if it's not available for that specific biller.
Misc Info and Extras Messages are customizable! Designs and 200 characters available for email payments and 20 characters are available for text payments. If the recipient doesn't claim the money by the date specified, funds are returned to you. You have the ability to set up recurring or one-time transfers.
You also have the ability to set up email reminders if you wish.
If the biller already has an established ACH relationship with Check Free, our Bill Pay system allows next day payments at NO cost. (Overnight checks are only for billers who don't have an ACH relationship.) You will receive an email confirmation of the payment. Payments can NOT be cancelled.


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